Helen Broughton, Your Elected Community Board member

for the Riccarton Ward, Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board

More Local Issues in Riccarton

The Riccarton area faces significant challenges in the coming three years.

There are real threats to the living quality of our ward.
The City Council should take the lead in ensuring development is in line with the City plan.
I understand there is a need for diverse accommodation, with acceptable variations able to be consented.
However this should be taken as an opportunity for unreasonable development.
Addressing councillors, Webb and Dyson said that while well-managed intensification was good for the city, too many developments had "significant shortcomings".
Local MPs have said "poor planning around intensification of housing could damage "liveability" and harm the character of neighbourhoods.”

For example medium density promoted at 30 people per hectare is tracking at 70 people per hectare, multi-unit complexes/boarding houses appear in low density suburban zones. Local MPs have raised this issue.

Ref: Press Article, MPs address CCC - Links to website page

I am available to assist people in the WARD affected by planning issues.

I have knowledge/experience from my twelve years on Council planning committees.

I am an accredited for Resource Consent Hearings.

BREAKING NEWS: Government threating living quality in our ward and Christchurch.
The Labour Govt is introducing a policy on urban development that will take effect next year:
the National Policy Statement on Urban Development will apply to Christchurch
and will mandate various aspects of town planning, including housing density, parking, etc.
Local councils will have no option but to comply, eg: create more high-density housing

This could overturn the hard fought gains at the Independent Hearings Panel.
The RB-K Residents' Association made a submission.

Read more here

I have worked closely with local Residents' Associations and local people on their issues.

I have liaised with the University, residents, and the police over vandalism with positive results for the community.

I have a record of being effective on residents’ concerns- no issue is too small. I take action.

For example, I got CCC staff to come on-site to see the planted area issue on the corner of Titoki/Rimu Streets.
The Riccarton Bush-Kilmarnock Residents' Association had complained about vehicles parking on the garden area, obstructing the footpath and creating a danger on the corner. A chain barrier was erected with planting to come.

Titoki Street corner

I keep abreast of what is happening in the ward.

Riccarton needs a strong, experienced advocate who will represent your interests and deal effectively with issues confronting the ward.

By re-electing me you will have that advocate.