Helen Broughton, Christchurch City Council

Your Elected Community Board member for the Riccarton Ward

Your advocate for residents in Riccarton.

She speaks out in support of her community’s views. Her voting record is based on sound research and principles:

The Riccarton Ward has experienced huge pressures in the last three years, from post-earthquake growth and Council decision-making. Helen has the experience to demand better planning. She is a strong campaigner for a quality residential environment.

As Deputy Chairperson of the Community Board, Helen has advanced formal legal submissions and practical solutions.

She has, for example:

• Stopped high intensification zoning in north Riccarton

• Promoted parking restrictions

• Assisted residents in planning issues

• Supported residents opposed to hostel / boarding house accommodation

• Implemented liquor bans and opposed more liquor stores

• Liaised with the University to stop student vandalism

• Opposed quarrying close to residential houses