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Riccarton Road: good in an emergency!

The planned tree-planted median strip in Riccarton Road will be shortened and feature fewer trees, ensuring there are no barriers to emergency services travelling along the city’s second busiest road.

The median island will run between Clarence Street and Matipo Street.

Under the changes, the length of the standard height mountable kerb of the median island will be reduced while the length of the lower mountable kerb will be increased. This helps ensure it will be easier to negotiate for emergency services responding to a call-out.

Work on the median strip is expected to start in April 2020.

Read more on Newsline or view the plans here.

Will there be any work west of Matipo Street?

The Council has set aside money for a project to improve safety at the Riccarton/Ilam/Middleton intersection. There are also plans for more water supply and wastewater work in the near future, continuing west from Matipo Street to Church Corner. This project is unlikely to be as intensive as the work going on at the moment.

Reminder: Riccarton Road is open for business...

Spread the word: everything’s still open along Riccarton Road – that’s why you’ll see lots of hoardings, plinths and signs reminding what shops are open and where to find them, and where to park. Access to Westfield hasn't changed, and traffic is still moving in both directions.

...and parking is still available here...

Keep in touch

Get in touch with the Council via riccartonroad@ccc.govt.nz or 941 8999 if you have any queries.

Or contact Fulton Hogan on 0800 ROAD FH (0800 762 334) for construction queries at any time.