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We're digging deep to upgrade Riccarton Road

The signs are up, the tools are out, and Fulton Hogan has now started work on this complex project along Riccarton Road.

Almost one kilometre of sewer pipe needs to be replaced, and it’s buried four metres below the road – very deep for sewer pipes, which means a lot of digging and about one metre of progress each day.

We're also replacing water mains under the road. Once the underground work is finished, we'll rebuild the road and then widen it, creating bus priority measures and extra space for emergency vehicles, which struggle to get through Riccarton Road traffic at times.

Read full details on what's happening – and what you can expect in December 2020 when it's all done – on Newsline.

Riccarton Road is open for business

Everything’s still open along Riccarton Road – that’s why you’ll see lots of hoardings, plinths and signs reminding what shops are open and where to find them, and where to park. Traffic is still moving in both directions.

Parking is still available

On-street parking along Riccarton Road is being permanently removed to make space for the new road layout, but the Council has created a time-restricted car park behind Riccarton Road between Rimu Street and Straven Road to replace it.

Keep in touch

Get in touch with the Council via riccartonroad@ccc.govt.nz or 941 8999 if you have any queries.

Or contact Fulton Hogan on 0800 ROAD FH (0800 762 334) for construction queries at any time.